How do I buy stock4elearning images?

To download images you must first buy Credits. Credits are the ‘currency’ with which you can buy images. For example, a Cutout Character costs 3 Credits for the web size and 6 Credits for the print size. Backgrounds cost 1-3 Credits, Cutout Graphics cost 1-10 Credits and Design Kits cost 175 Credits.

A range of credit packages are available (see below). The more Credits you purchase in a single transaction the more you will save.

For example the 105 credit bundle could get you 35 web characters.

The purchase of images on stock4elearning.com is subject to our Download Agreement, which explains how you may use our images.


How much do stock4elearning Credits cost?

Our Credit packages represent great value for money. Credit bundles start at £20 for 40 Credits rising to £250 for 600 Credits. The more Credits you purchase in a single transaction the more you will save. Note that if you are a UK customer, VAT at 20% will be added at the PayPal checkout.


How do I get a receipt for my Credits purchase?


PayPal will issue you with a receipt by email, including any TAX breakdown, this is the only financial record of your transaction you will receive.  Since PayPal handles all of our transactions we do not issue invoices.  If you have any questions about your receipt please contact PayPal (paypal.co.uk). When you complete a Credits purchase transaction on PayPal we will send you an email notifying you that your Credits have been added to your account and that the download agreement has come into force. You will find a simple record of past Credit purchases in "My Account".


How do I pay for stock4elearning Credits?

In order to purchase Credits, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Click Sign up and create a new account.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on Buy Credits, choose the Credit bundle you require, read and accept the  download agreement, and then click the Buy Credits button.
  4. Your selected Credit bundle will be transferred to your Shopping Cart. Check your selection is correct, then click on the Buy Now button and follow the on screen instructions to be directed to the website of our payment partner PayPal where you can make a secure payment.
  5. When PayPal has confirmed your payment you will be directed back to our website.
  6. We will send you an email confirmation that the download agreement has come into force and your account will be credited with the number of Credits purchased. You will then be able to download Images using Credits.


Do Credits stock4elearning expire?

Yes, Credits expire 12 months from the date of purchase.


What can I use stock4elearning images for?

All our images are available for download with a royalty free licence.  Terms of use are outlined in section (7) of the download agreement.


How do I use the Light Box?

If you are a registered user you can save images for viewing later by clicking on the ‘Add to Light Box’ button below the image thumbnail.  You need to be logged in to access and use your Light Box. You can click on the cross icon on the right to delete images from your Light Box. You can add images in your Light Box to your Shopping Cart by clicking on the basket icon on the right, or click the image thumbnail to go to its product page and then click Add to Cart. Only one Light Box is available per registered user.


What format are stock4elearning images?

All images (except “backgrounds” which are jpgs) are pngs.  The pngs  all have transparent backgrounds – they have been pre-cut out, ready for you to drop into you project (please check that your system supports pngs).  Some of the pngs also have transparent middles (e.g. check out the Picture Space section – these images allow you to place your own photos etc. behind for a great effect). All images except the print size character cutouts are 72 dpi.  The Module Design Kits are downloaded in a single zip file, but the images inside (pngs with transparency, except backgrounds which are jpgs) are conveniently organised into folders and have useful file names to allow you to browse and navigate to the file you need once you have copied to your computer.


What sizes are stock4elearning images?

Character cutouts are offered in web and print size.  Print character cutout characters are around 2000 – 3000 pixels tall and file sizes vary from around 1MB to 8Mb.  The Web versions are around 900 pixels tall, a convenient size for most e-learning programmes, and file sizes are around 200k (so can easily be used at full size without need for editing down, even if you want to show at a smaller size).

Web size images (all categories) have undergone our unique optimisation process which enables us to bring you high quality images at a very low file size, welcomed by most e-learning creators.

Our backgrounds are 1024 x 768 (however backgrounds in the Module Design Kits are provided in both 1024 x 768 and 900 x 675 pixels).

Our cutout graphics are at least 600 pixels tall or wide.  File sizes are variable but most are under 200k, many are much less. (Our goal here has been to provide you with the largest size you might need for e-learning etc, but to keep the file size down – so that the image can be used without modification.)

Design kits contain over 200 graphic images and each kit (downloaded in a zip file) is just 3Mb to 13Mb due to our unique optimisation process.  The images contained in the design kits are all pngs with transparency, (except the backgrounds which are jpgs).


I have forgotten my stock4elearning password.  What should I do?

Click on Login then click on “Forgot Your Password?”. Enter your e-mail address in the box and we will email you a new password.


How do I change my password?

Login then go to “My Account” and click “Change My Password”. You can then choose a new password.



May I share my password with other people in my organisation?

No, you must not share your access details with anyone else.  We are able to offer our images at low cost via a single user license.  Only the registered user may download or use the images on stock4elearning.com.  If you are interested a site license for stock4elearning.com please do contact us using the contact form and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements.


My download didn’t work first time, can I re-download?

Yes, if you have a problem downloading a file you may re-download within 48 hours.  Just return to your Download Folder and try again.


What is a stock4elearning Module Design Kit?

A module design kit contains over 200 images each styled with a particular theme.  The purpose is to give your module an attractive, consistent and professional designer look, without the designer price tag. The kits are organised with convenience and speed of work in mind, so the images come in different sizes and orientations. You might not need every single image for your module but they will all be there at your fingertips, ready for you to use.  Module design kits consist of:



Check out the Design Kits page to see a few examples of how you might use the images in a particular kit to produce a consistent, designer look module, taking your e-learning to the next level.

PS As with all the content on stock4elearning.com, Design Kits are great for giving a professional designer look to presentations and printed training manuals.